Drive 300

A low cost, full featured solution for automating residential gates, up to 300 kg

Designed from the ground up to be compact BUT extremely tough and durable.

  • High speed, strong and durable electric motor with removable brushes for easy maintenance
  • Tried and tested drive-train proven to be exceptionally robust
  • UV resistant housing to endure long term exposure to harsh climates
  • Lockable single action manual release
  • Small footprint for installations where limited space is available
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Product Features

Efficient, reliable operation:

Operating more efficiently, saving power for when you need it most.

  • Intelligent energy management (as little as 1,5W power in standby), to maximise efficiency and extend battery operation time
  • Full battery backup in case of power faillure
  • Intelligent battery charging for battery longevity
  • Battery low and mains failure warning
  • Solar power ready


Intelligent Electronics

The LED display and advanced but simple electronics, makes programming and diagnostics a breeze while giving you all the functionality you need.

  • LED display for ease of programming and diagnostics
  • Quick access shortcut for adding ET Blu Mix® remotes
  • Individually add and remove remote control users and functions
  • Quick and simple run-time setup
  • “Drive series” intelligent gate profiling, monitoring and collision detection
  • Self-resetting overload protection on outputs
  • Various operating modes with customisable parameters, e.g. slow-down distance, auto close times, pedestrian distance, etc
  • Permanently monitored safety beam circuit


Excellent security features:

Taking cognisance of the ever increasing security demands, numerous advanced security features are incorporated in the Drive 300.

  • Get forced open alarm monitoring
  • Safety beam tamper detection
  • RF jamming and signal strength tester, transmitter identification
  • ET Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver – “The most secure code in Africa” – 32 user memory x 4 functions each
  • Positive close and electronically locking features
  • Auxiliary relay output for can be selected to operate mag lock, strike lock, lights etc.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Input Voltage

220-240 Vac, 50Hz-60Hz

Primary Power Supply to Electric Motor

24V Battery

Maximum Duty Cycle with 220V present

25% (at 100N running thrust; battery health dependent)

Standard Battery

24V 3.5Ah

Number of Operations on Battery Power Only

100 within 24 hours (From a fully charged and healthy 3.5Ah battery)

Battery Charger

Multi- stage intelligent charger, with temperature compensation. 350mA

Rated Gate Mass


Maximum Travel Length


Rated Starting Thrust


Rated Running Thrust


Maximum Speed

Up to 25m/min (gate load and battery health dependent)

Anti-crushing Safety Sensing

Yes – Electronic gate load profiling

Auxiliary Power Supply for Ancilary Devices

12Vdc Electronically protected to 400mA

Built-in Receiver Frequency


Built-in Receiver Format

ET BLU MIX ® backward compatible with ET BLUE (Rolling code)

Built-in Receiver Memory Capacity

32 user memory x 4 functions each

Receiver Functions

Button trigger, pedestrian, auxiliary relay and holiday lock-out

Alarm Monitoring

Safety beam tampering and gate forced open

Ancilary Inputs

Button trigger, pedestrian, safety beam

Auxiliary Relay Options

Courtesy light mode, electric lock mode, receiver relay mode or alarm mode

Auto-close Modes

Simple auto-close, Condominium, Passive Infra-Red Access Control (P.I.R.A.C), CondoPIRAC

Pedestrian Mode

Either auto-close or 3 step logic

Programming Dashboard

3 digit 7 segment LED display

Operating Temperature

-10˚ to 50˚ Celsius

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