ET Nice Wide Barrier

WIDE Manual and Automated Boom Pole Systems for Vehicle Traffic Access Control

  • All 3 Barriers have easy onsite changing between left and right hand configuration
  • Simplicity
  • Stylish, solid and precision engineered design
  • Standard high visibility orange finish – Full range of custom colours available on order**
  • Rubber impact strips on all boom poles to reduce potential vehicle damage
  • Reinforced aerodynamic boom pole design
  • Mounting common to Manual Barrier, Wide M, Will and Signo Models
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Product Features

Manual Barrier

  • Cost effective traffic barrier solution
  • Balanced hand operation
  • Compact robust design
  • Lockable in both open and closed position
  • Common boom pole and mounting with WIDE M



  • Large battery back up
  • Easy installation, setup and maintenance
    • Removable top cover and full front panel
    • Removable control box
    • Interactive control card puts set up and maintenance at your fingertips
    • Built in diagnostics
  • Heavy duty gearbox and non-battery dependent operation
  • Security
    • Safety beam tamper and barrier open alarm monitoring
    • Pin code lockable programming
    • Optional anti-tamper security bracket
    • Built-in ET Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver on board 1023 user

Product Specifications

Additional information

Primary Power Supply

WIDE M: 220 – 240Vac @ 50Hz – 60Hz
WIDE L: 220 – 240Vac @ 50Hz – 60Hz

Electrical Class

WIDE M: Class 1
WIDE L: Class 1

Motor Voltage

WIDE M: 24Vdc
WIDE L: 24Vdc

Motor Power

WIDE M: 300W
WIDE L: 360W


WIDE M: 140Nm
WIDE L: 200Nm

Operating Speed

WIDE M: 90°/3,5s
WIDE L: 90°/5s

Auxiliary Supply Output

WIDE M: 12Vdc @ 400mA
WIDE L: 12Vdc @ 400mA

Built-in Battery Charger

WIDE M: Multiple stage auto-calibrating (Peak – 500mA)
WIDE L: Multiple stage auto-calibrating (Peak – 500mA)

Number of Operations on Battery Reserve

Operating at 200 cycles per hour and with Boom pole LED strip installed (Battery health and charge level at time of power failure dependent)

650 Using 1 x 24V 5Ah battery.
(Standard in kit)
950 Using 2 x 24V 3.5Ah batteries
1300 Using 2 x 24V 5Ah batteries

600 Using 1 x 24V 5Ah battery.
(Standard in kit)
900 Using 2 x 24V 3.5Ah batteries
1200 Using 2 x 24V 5Ah batteries

Work Cycles Per Hour With Mains Present

WIDE M: 275/h. (6600/24hr)
WIDE L: 200/h. (4800/24hr)

Anti-crushing Safety Sensing

WIDE M: Yes – Electronic load profiling
WIDE L: Yes – Electronic load profiling

Receiver Format

WIDE M: ET-Blu Mix© backward compatible with ET Blue (Rolling code)
WIDE L: ET-Blu Mix© backward compatible with ET Blue (Rolling code)

Receiver Frequency

WIDE M: 433.92MHz
WIDE L: 433.92MHz

Receiver Channels

WIDE M: 4CH (BT, Open only, Aux relay, Holiday lock-out)
WIDE L: 4CH (BT, Open only, Aux relay, Holiday lock-out)

Receiver Memory Capacity

WIDE M: 1023 users
WIDE L: 1023 users

All Users Can Be Allowed Control Of All Channels


Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature Range

WIDE M: -10 to 50° C (14F to 122F)
WIDE L: -10 to 50° C (14F to 122F)

Physical Dimensions

WIDE M: 320 x 205 x 1000mm
WIDE L: 420 x 205 x 1000mm

Packed Weight

WIDE M: 46kg
WIDE L: 54kg

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