Test Lamp for GFE-SWR Flame Detectors

The non Ex GFE-SWR-LMP flame detector test lamp activates GFE-SWR series flame detectors namely: GFE-SWR-UVIR, GFE-SWR-UV and GFE-SWR-IR3. For all models the testing range is four metres. The GFE-SWR-LMP test lamp is non Ex, making it suitable for use in safe areas only.

The GFE-SWR-LMP is only compatible with the GFE-SWR series flame detectors. The test lamp is not suitable for flame detectors of other brands.

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Product Specifications

Additional information

Battery Charger

100-240 V AC, 500 mA


Sealed Lead Acid battery, 12 Vdc / 2.7 Ah

Battery Autonomy

10-15 minutes under optimal conditions and continuous use


H3, 12 Vdc / 100 W



Operating Temperature

4ºC to 40ºC

Colour / Material

Black / ABS

Dimensions (Box)

440 (L) x 340 (W) x 280 (H) mm


5 kg

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