Orion Mini-Repeater Panel

The ORION MINI-REP V2 provides remote control and system display status from multiple locations to an ORION based fire alarm system. All Fire, Fault, Test and Disabled conditions are displayed. The user is able to control all functions at Access Levels 1 and 2. Access to Level 2 is via the same four-digit code used on the ORION V2.

Its reduced dimensions make it ideal for installation in reception areas or security booths where it would be impractical and unattractive to install a full-size control panel. The repeater panel can be connected to the main panel using four different communication technologies: RS232, RS485, fibre optics and TCP/IP.

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Product Specifications

Additional information

Supply Voltage

(21-29V DC) 24V DC nominal

Supply Current

40 mA


Supply: +/- ; Communication: Tx/Rx & GND

Repeater Network

RS-232, RS-485, FO or TCP/IP * – 1 Display & Control + 3 Display Only

Panel Compatibility


Max Humidity

95% RH Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature

-10ºC to 50ºC

Colour / Case Material

White or Red / ABS


1.4 Kg


256 (L) x 194 (W) x 75 (H) mm

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