Orion Mini-Repeater Panel

The ORION EX MINI-REP V2 provides remote control and system display status from multiple locations to an ORION-EX V2 based fire alarm system. All Fire, Fault, Test and Disabled conditions are displayed. The user is able to control all functions at Access Levels 1 and 2. Access to Level 2 is via the same four-digit code used on the ORION-EX V2. Its reduced dimensions make it ideal for installation in reception areas or security booths where it would be impractical and unattractive to install a full-size control panel. The repeater panel can be connected to the main panel using four different communication technologies: RS232, RS485, fibre optics and TCP/IP.

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Product Specifications

Additional information

Supply Voltage

(21-29V DC) 24V DC nominal

Supply Current

40 mA


Supply: +/- ; Communication: Tx/Rx & GND

Repeater Network

RS232, RS485, FO or TCP/IP * – 1 Display & Control + 3 Display Only

Panel Compatibility


Max Humidity

95% RH Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature

-10ºC to 50ºC

Colour/Case Material

White or Red / ABS


1.4 Kg


256 (L) x 194 (W) x 75 (H) mm

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