Single Loop Analogue Addressable
Control Panel Expandable to 2 Loops

JUNIOR V4 is a single loop analogue addressable control panel which can be expanded to 2 loops. It provides a cost effective solution for small to medium sized installations. The JUNIOR V4 can support up to 125 addressable devices on each loop which are compatible with major analogue addressable communications protocols.

Using Global Fire’s advanced communications mechanism, up to 32 individually addressed Loop sounders can be connected to each of the JUNIOR V4 detection Loops. The JUNIOR V4 also supports Shadow and Auxiliary Sounder/ Beacons together with GFE’s new VULCAN 2 addressable Sounder-Beacon-Isolator along with all other GFE Interface devices.

The panel is equipped with a backlit LCD display of 4 rows each with 40 characters to give clear textual indications of Fire/ Fault occurrences to the end user. There are also 16 Zone Fire LED indicators.

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Product Features

  • Single loop panel – Expandable to two Loops using JNR-V4-Card
  • Supports connection to Mini-repeaters via RS422/RS485, Fibre Optic or TCP/IP interfaces
  • 125 Device addresses per loop
  • 32 Individually programmable sounder addresses per Loop
  • 96 VULCAN 2 (addressable) ultra low current sounders or beacons per Loop. Only 64 of these units should be installed per loop when combined sounder beacons are being used. This number includes addressable, shadow, auxiliary and detector-sounder/ beacon versions of these units
  • 2 Fire output relays (change-over) and 1 Fault relay (normally closed)
  • 2 Conventional alarm outputs (individually programmable)
  • 384 Fully programmable zones
  • 512 Fully programmable sounder groups together with 512 Input/Output groups
  • Event log (rolling, 2000 entries)
  • Compatible with GFE’s range of Analogue Addressable Devices
  • Backlit LCD display with 4 rows of 40 characters
  • PC Programming using Upload/Download GFE Connector Software
  • PC Graphics package ODYSSEY for alarm management and reporting (optional)
  • Multiple language support (menu selectable)
  • Integrated 16 zone LED fire zone indication

Product Specifications

Additional information

Primary Supply Voltage - Input

230 +10% -15% V CA

Primary Supply Voltage - Output

28.5V DC nominal

Primary Supply Current - Output

2.4 A a 28.5V DC nominal (max.)

Secondary Supply Voltage

21.0 min. – 27.2V DC max. – BAT charger o/p 28V DC

Secondary Supply Current Output

1.6 Amp maximum 20ºC

Internal Battery Capacity - Maximum

2 x 12 V 7AH Sealed VRLA Lead Acid Batteries

Loop Current Drive

275 mA/ Loop

Auxiliary Relay Outputs

2x Fire (COM-NC-NO) – 1 Fault (COM-NC) non-supervised

Conventional Sounder Circuits

2x 400 mA Max. current drive per circuit – Fully monitored


Max 95% RH Non-Condensing



Operating Temperature

-10ºC to 50ºC


2.0 Kg – 7 Kg (inc. 2x 7 AH 12 V bat.)


273 (L) x 404 (H) x 107 (W) mm


White or Red

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