Zyteq ZC920

ZC920 Conventional Heat Detector

The ZYTEQ Fire conventional detector range offers intelligent microprocessor-based sensing technology allowing features not normally found in conventional devices. Each detector has dual LED’s that flash green for healthy, red for service. The smoke sensors have drift compensation as standard and the heat detectors include rate fo rise heat detection. All devices have a unique serial number and data can be read via RFID reader.

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Product Features

  • Elegant Styling
  • Unique serial number per device stored in memory
  • Dual LED’s for 360 visibility
  • Drift Compensation
  • Rate of Rise Heat Detection
  • Access to detector data via RFID reader and smartphone App
  • Integrated design (Smoke/Heat detection, Sounder, and Beacon in a single device)
  • Compliant with EN54 standard for Smoke, Heat, Sounders, and Beacons

Product Specifications

Additional information

Model Number


Design Specifications

EN 54-5 Class A


Rate compensated heat detector

Operating Voltage

9 – 30Vdc

Current Consumption at 24V (Quiescent)

<60μA @ 24Vdc

Current Consumption at 24V (Fault)

Max <50mA @ 24Vdc (Limited by control panel)

Current Consumption at 24V (Alarm)

Max <50mA @ 24Vdc (Limited by control panel)

Temperature Range

-10°C to 50°C

Relative Humidity

> 95%

Built-in LED

2 Green – Device Healthy – Slow Flash
2 Red – Service – Flash – Fire – Continuous


107mm (d) x 54mm (h)




ABS White