Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector

The Firebeam protection system includes a motorised head unit containing an infra-red transmitter and receiver, a ground level controller and prism reflector. The returned infrared beam is analysed for smoke contamination and registers a fire condition at a pre-determined level.

The integration on GFE addressable systems is achieved through our ZMU module, and the power for the Firebeam (motor, controller) comes directly from the loop which eliminates the external supply requirement.

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Product Features

  • Dual LEDs for 360º visibility
  • Low power
  • IP65 environmental protection
  • Ground level commissioning
  • Multi language interface
  • Motorized beam head
  • 1500 m² maximum coverage

Product Specifications

Additional information

Supply Voltage / Supply Current

10.2 to 40V DC / 3 mA (quiescent; alarm; fault)


Green LEDs Flashing – Controller Message


Yellow LEDs Flashing – Change over relay (2A@30VDC)/ Controller Message


Red LEDs Flashing – Change over relay (2A@30VDC)/ Controller Message

Temperature / Humidity

-10°C to +55°C / 10 to 95% RH Non-condensing

IP Rating

IP65 when suitably mounted and terminated

Beam Head

180 (H) x 155 (W) x 137 (D) mm / Weight 1.1 Kg


185 (H) x 120 (W) x 62 (D) mm / Weight 0.55 Kg

40KIT80 Mid-Range Reflector

293 (H) x 293 (W) x 5 (D) mm / Weight 0.8 Kg

80KIT100 Long Range Reflector

394 (H) x 394 (W) x 5 (D) mm / Weight 1.8 Kg


270 (H) x 250 (W) x 5 (D) mm / Weight 0.6 Kg (mounts the Beam Head onto unistrut)

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