Tower Magnus


The TOWER MAGNUS double technology perimeter barriers are among the best performing products of the company production that use advanced technologies in a combined form such as infrared rays and latest generation planar microwaves, thus offering maximum safety and absolute reliability.

This product ensures a range up to mt. 100 and has an innovative microwave with a very narrow horizontal lobe opening that makes its use simple and effective.

Our anti-theft barrier is suitable for hostile situations and environments (fog, humidity, gusts) and resists low temperatures thanks to the automatic thermo-regulating device.

TOWER MAGNUS are dual technology perimeter barriers designed for the protection of large and small external perimeters, and in particular of residential areas, commercial areas (supermarkets, car parks, shopping centres, car dealerships, etc.), industrial areas (companies, warehouses, warehouses) and sensitive sites (civil and military airports, photovoltaic fields, power plants, refineries, prisons, barracks) and in general wherever high-security measures are required.

The TOWER MAGNUS double technology perimeter barriers are available in various heights, in the terminal and bidirectional versions; installation is simple and alignment is easy.

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Product Features

  • Maximum range: 100m
  • Lobe opening: 1.2m
  • Planar antenna (250 programmable channels)
  • Operating frequency K band 24.000:24.250 GHz
  • Serial communication: RS 485
  • Protection class: IP65



Tower Magnus columns are standard supplied with a base for ground fixing or, upon request, for wall fixing. The following accessories are available:

  • GAR GR
    base for ground fixing 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm STANDARD
  • GAR WL
    base for wall mounting 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm
    dual power supply 12 Vdc – 1.5 Ah 24 Vac – 2.0 Ah
    Globe light fixture with lamp holder (E27) Diameter: 32cm. Available colours: white (WH) and cognac (CO)
    Embedded light fixture (white colour) with lamp holder. Height: 25cm – E27
    anti-climbing cap
    universal surveillance camera support

Product Specifications

Additional information

Outdoor Range

Max: 100 m – min: 15 m
(For distances of less than 15 m please contact the supplier)

Barrier Dimensions

Diameter: 14 cm – heights: 1,0 m – 1,5 m – 2,0 m – 2,5 m – 3,0 m
(For non-standard heights, please contact the supplier)

Barrier Structure

Extruded in aluminum and IR polycarbonate

Power Supply

12 Vdc – 24Vac (for heaters)



Maximum Consumption

390 mA (TX 120 mA – RX 270 mA)

Maximum Heaters Absorption

RX 30W – TX 30W

Operating Temperature

– 35°C + 70°C (with heat regulator)

Standard Compliance

CEl 79/2

Rohs Compliance

EN 50131-1 and CEI 79-3

Protection Class



3 years

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