Two-way wireless waterproof outdoor/indoor PIR intruder detector with anti-masking

Works with the RX-20 receiver model.

Detection Reliability

VIP Pro wireless detector provides highly reliable movement detection and ensures excellent protection against any attempt to disable its operation by blocking (masking) its near field-of-view or when the detector has been covered, whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed (Anti-Masking).

Highly reliable movement detection is achieved by combining two PIR synchronised sensors, which allow three-dimensional thermal imaging of the protected area. The analogue signal received from each sensor is converted to digital signals and separately processed by a powerful Microprocessor.

Movement alarm will be generated only if each of the sensors received a true detection signal. Each sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted separately by a trimmer.

Shutters Behind The Lens

Enable narrowing the vertical detector’s PIR field-of-view.
Behind the detector’s lens, there is a support that consists of shutters placed above both PIR sensors. By opening or closing the shutters you can limit the vertical angle of the PIR field-of-view.

Tilt Plates

Enable mount the detector on an angle.
To mount (install) the detector directly on a wall or any other flat surface and provide the detector with a slight vertical tilt (upward or downward) without using a mounting bracket, use one or two of the provided tilt plates, which will allow you to tilt the detector upward or downward and thus its field-of-view accordingly.

Use more than one tilt plate to achieve a greater vertical incline of the detector and thus its field-of-view accordingly.

Each tilt plate tilts the detector’s vertical field-of-view by 5°. So if you mount the detector with two tilt plates, the detector’s field-of-view will be tilted by 10°.

If you mount the detector with three tilt plates, the detector’s field of view will be tilted by 15°.

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Product Features

All detectors’ features can be adjusted by a Remote Control (Obtained separately).

  • Dual Technology: 2 x PIR sensors plus Microwave sensor.
  • Anti-masking.
  • Anti-vandalism sensor (Shock & Vibration sensor).
  • Waterproof and all weather resistance.
  • Remote controlled: Detector settings can also be controlled by Remote Control (option).
  • Shutters behind the lens allow limiting the PIR sensors vertical field of view.
  • 2 provided plates allow installing the detector with a vertical tilt of 50 by each plate (100 by using both plates).
  • Auto temperature compensation.
  • Multi-directional Mounting BRACKET (Option).

Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled

Detector’s features can be remotely programmed and adjusted by our unique and friendly Remote Control so no longer need to climb a ladder, disassemble the detectors and make manual adjustments whenever needed.

Moreover, technical functionality data and detection evens history of the detector can be displayed on the Remote Control screen.

The Remote Control can be purchased separately.

Partial list of possible programming and options by using Remote Control RM-1:

  • Infrared detection sensitivity, for each sensor separately.
  • Pulse count.
  • Microwave detection sensitivity.
  • Anti-masking detection sensitivity.
  • Anti-masking activation time.
  • Enable / Disable of each LED indicator.
  • Vibration sensor sensitivity.
  • Setting which relay will be activated during Anti-masking Alarm (the dedicated relay or Alarm Relay).
  • Alarm Relay logic (N.C. / N.O.).
  • Alarm Relay activation time.
  • Motion detection logic (AND / OR).
  • Alarm delay: Delay from the moment the detector detected a true alarm till Alarm Relay activation.
  • Auto Day / Night detection mode: You can program the detector to operate during the day unlike it does at night (during darkness). For example, during the night (darkness) you may wish to set a higher sensitivity (longer range) and disable the LED indicators.
  • Camera mode: You can determine that during an alarm a camera will be activated if hooked up to a detector.
  • Reports of detector’s status:
    Power supply level, temperature, when was the last time the detector was connected to power supply, total number of times the detector was connected to power supply, how many times and when (date and time) the power supply level was too low, how many times and when (date and time) Anti-masking detection events occurred.
  • You may impose detection operation even if the infrared or microwave channel is neutralized.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Power Supply

12V DC

Current Drain

45 mA (Maximum)

Alarm Contacts Endurance

(N.C.) 24V DC / 100 mA

Masking Contacts Endurance

(N.C.) 24V DC / 100 mA

Tamper Switch Contacts

(N.C.) 24V DC / 100 mA

Warm-Up Time

60 Seconds

Alarm Time

2 Seconds (Programmable from 1 to 99 Seconds by the optional Remote Control).

Response Time To Masking

30 Seconds (Max.)

Operating Temperature

(-)20°C ~ 60°C

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