RX-20 can work with these wireless detectors:

LMP Wireless, VIP Wireless, CURTAIN Wireless, MAGNET, CURTAIN-Mini Wireless, CORNER Wireless and SIREN Wireless.

RX-20 receiver is designed to receive 8 wireless and wired-addressable detectors of MAXIMUM Security and to supply the received signals to any burglar alarm control panel.
Whilst doing so, the receiver RX-20 turns any wired control panel into wireless.

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Product Features

RX-20 receiver alerts in the following events: motion detection, anti-masking, shock or vibration detection, low battery and loss of communication with the detector.
The relay operation time is standard (2 seconds) nevertheless it can be programmed between 1 second and 60 minutes.

The communication between the Receiver and its linked wireless detectors is which enables the receiver to display the following information for each wireless detector linked to the receiver: reception strength, battery level and loss of communication with the detector.

The receiver RX-20 is capable to work with 20 remote controls (model RM-5) that can be purchased separately.

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