Remote Control for changing and setting new values for detector’s features.
Also displays on its screen functionality data and detection events history of the detector.

Detector’s features can be remotely programmed and adjusted by our unique and friendly Remote Control so no longer need to climb a ladder, disassemble the detectors and make manual adjustments whenever needed.
Moreover, technical functionality data and detection events history of the detector can be displayed on the Remote Control screen.

The remote control can work with the detectors: MultiZone, OUT-SMART, VIP Pro and OUT-LOOK.

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Product Features

Partial list of possible programming and options by using Remote Control RM-1

  • Infrared detection sensitivity, for each sensor separately.
  • Pulse count.
  • Microwave detection sensitivity.
  • Anti-masking detection sensitivity.
  • Anti-masking activation time.
  • Selectivity Enable / Disable of each LED indicator.
  • Vibration sensor sensitivity.
  • Setting which relay will be activated during Anti-masking Alarm (the dedicated relay or Alarm Relay).
  • Alarm Relay logic (N.C. / N.O.).
  • Alarm Relay activation time.
  • Motion detection logic (AND / OR).
  • Alarm delay: Delay from the moment the detector detected a true alarm till Alarm Relay activation.
  • Auto Day / Night detection mode: You can program the detector to operate during the day unlike it does at night (during darkness). For example, during the night (darkness) you may wish to set a higher sensitivity (longer range) and disable the LED indicators.
  • Camera mode: You can determine that during an alarm a camera will be activated if hooked up to a detector.
  • Reports of detector’s status:
    Power supply level, temperature, when was the last time the detector was connected to power supply, total number of times the detector was connected to power supply, how many times and when (date and time) the power supply level was too low, how many times and when (date and time) Anti-masking detection events occurred.
  • You may impose detection operation even if the infrared or microwave channel is neutralized.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Battery Type

3 x 1.2V AAA. High Power Rechargeable Batteries (Ni-Mh)

Charger Output

5V, 1A DC

Operating Time

About 5 Hours (with 1000mA/HPR Batteries)

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