Multidirectional (180°) Outdoor/Indoor Intrusion Detector

The detector’s name, “Multi-Zone,” speaks of its unique character. This motion detector has six detection zones and an unprecedented wide detection angle of 180°.

Multi-Zone is highly advanced and accurate. In addition, its installation enables saving expenses for the installation of several standard detectors with a small angle and detection capability.

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Product Features

  • Select horizontal detection angle – up to 180°
  • Multi-Zone includes 18 sensors:
    • 6 PIR sensors
    • 3 Microwave sensors
    • 8 Anti-masking sensors
    • 1 Shock and Vibration sensor (Option)
  • The detector’s features can be programmed by Remote Control (can be purchased separately)
  • The detector can be programmed by means of:
    • The detector’s built-in keyboard
    • Remote control (purchased separately)
    • External control panel (bus/communication)
  • Three different detection zones. For each zone you can program the following:
    • Detection range
    • PIR and Microwave detection sensitivity
    • Pulse count
    • Anti-masking sensitivity
  • Motion detection of a certain direction
  • Relay activation time from 1 second to 99 minutes
  • Relay logic (N.C. / N.O.)
  • Pet friendly
  • Option for tone effect upon each detection event
  • Automatic temperature and humidity compensation
  • Waterproof and resistant to bad weather conditions
  • Bracket free (internal calibration)

Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled

Detector’s features can be remotely programmed and adjusted by our unique and friendly Remote Control so it is no longer necessary to climb a ladder, disassemble the detectors and make manual adjustments whenever needed.

Moreover, technical functionality data and detection events history of the detector can be displayed on the remote control screen. The remote control can be purchased separately.

A partial list of possible programming and options by using the RM-1 Remote Control:

  • PIR Sensitivity and pulse count for each of the six PIR sensors
  • Microwave sensitivity and pulse count for each of the three Microwave sensors
  • Movement direction to be detected by the detector
  • Anti-masking sensitivity
  • Activation time and the logic (N.C / N.O) of each of the three relays
  • Time limit between detection events
  • LED indicators enabling/disabling
  • Enabling/disabling of a tone heard upon each detection event
  • Sensitivity of shock and vibration sensor

Product Specifications

Additional information

Power Supply

12V DC

Alarm relay contacts withstand (RELAY1, RELAY2)

15V, 30 mA

Resistance of anti-masking relay contacts (MASK)

15V, 30 mA

Resistance of tamper switch contacts

15V, 30 mA

Warm-up time

1 minute

Alarm relay activation time

2 seconds by default (programmable between 1 second to 99 minutes.).

Anti-masking relay (MASK) activation time

2 seconds at least and for as long as the masking exists.

Anti-masking response time

About 1 minute (Programmable from 1 to 99 cycles. Each cycle takes 3 seconds.

Detection range

Horizontal angle – up to 1800. Distance of up to 12 meters.

Operating temperature

-37 to + 70°C

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