Outdoor/Indoor intrusion detector, combined Double PIR & Microwave technology, Pet immune and waterproof.

GUARD-AV is actually the same product as GUARD, but without the Shock & Vibration Sensor.

GUARD-AV is an advanced and reliable outdoor / indoor motion detector, for military, industrial, commercial and residential security.
GUARD-AV has a massive aesthetic design and combines the technologies of Passive infrared, Active infrared and Microwave as well.
GUARD-AV ignores pet, it is also waterproof and all-weather resistant.
GUARD-AV combines variety of detection techniques that make it able to detect in very difficult environmental conditions and where high security is required while maintaining unprecedented immunity to false alarms.

Excellent 4-dimensional detection:
The two synchronized PIR sensors produce a three-dimensional thermal imaging of the protected area.
Combining the fourth dimension as a microwave scanning contributes to an amazing detection capacity and in the same time it also increases the reliability and immunity to false alarms.
Using this technique allows high sensitivity level adjustment in both detection technologies without the need of pulse count.

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Product Features

  • GUARD-AV is actually the same product as GUARD, but without the Anti-masking and Shock & Vibration Sensor.
  • 4-dimensional, all-in-one motion detector.
  • Two PIR sensors.
  • Microwave sensor.
  • Waterproof and all-weather resistant.
  • Pet immune.
  • Lighting immune.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Selectable PIR detection sensitivity.
  • Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity.
  • Selectable detection technology combination (AND/OR).
  • Memory latched input.
  • Wide-angle (110°) field-of-view.
  • Auto temperature compensation.
  • High level of RFI/EMI immunity.
  • Vertical adjustment.
  • Multi-directional Mounting BRACKET (Option).

Product Specifications

Additional information

Power Supply

11 to 14V DC

Current Drain

24mA @ 12V

Alarm Contacts Endurance

Changeover relay (N.C. or N.O.) 0.25A/50V DC (Max)

Masking Contacts Endurance

(N.C.) 0.1A/28V DC (Max)

Tamper Switch Contacts

(N.C.) 0.1A/28V DC (Max)

Warm Up Time

1 Minute

Detection Speed

0.1 ~ 5 m/sec

Response Time To Masking

Up to 2 Minutes

Masking Relay Activation Time

time of masking (at least 2 Sec.)

RFI Immunity

(-)37°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)

Humidity Withstand


Microwave Frequency

10.525 GHz


160 x 95 x 59 mm (HxWxD)


130 gr.

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