BM 60 HP

Digital outdoor microwave barrier 60 meters range

BM is composed of 2 units – 1 transmitter (TX) and 1 receiver (RX) – installed at a maximum distance of 60, 120 or 200 meters. The transmitter emits continuously the microwave in direction of the receiver. The intruder who passes through the 2 units reduces consecutively the received signal, up to reach the alarm level and generate the alarm. The perimeter protection is achieved by installing multiple barriers in single thread.

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Product Features

The security area is so width and height (up to 4 x 3 meters) that it is impossible to cross without generating an alarm and provides a higher security compared to other technologies.

Setting a pet immunity is easy: the alarm level is programmed to ignore small animals and generate less unwanted alarms.

The security may be increased automatically thanks to its built-in integration circuit which amplifies the possible conditions for an alarm and triggers more easily.

BM distinguish a real alarm from a disqualification situation (like a van parked between the barriers).

With the poles, BM are only 120cm high, it is easy and quick to install them, so the cost of installation is lower compared to other technologies. It is also simple to set perfectly thanks to few trimmers and dip-switches. Finally, thanks to its regular NC outputs, BM works with all alarm and CCTV systems.

Since 2003, BM’s integrate planar antennas which reduce of 20% the sensibility area compared to former parabolic antennas. Longer distances BM can be installed for the same perimeters and costs are saved. In addition, to be protected from rain, the parabolic antennas use big expansive difficult-to-handle waterproof housings when the BM’s planar antennas are highly protected by tropicalisation and installed in high resistant protective cover to avoid the condensation and its consecutive rust development.

BM operate in all weather conditions (snow, rain, fog) without distances reduction, unlike the active infrared barriers. If the temperature reaches less than -5°C, it is possible to place a TERM1 heating kit. BM temperature range is -20/+55°C.

BM M and BM HP are 13.8 Vdc powered. VAC series is directly feed by the main (220Vac) and include an optional backup battery to compensate an electricity absence. Main power feeding simplifies the wiring and decrease the installation cost.

BM are perfect for all the perimeters: gardens, houses, borders, warehouses, airports, commercial resorts, car and truck parks, civilian, industrial, military, nuclear and electrical plants.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Maximum Range

60 meters

Nominal Tension


Minimum Tension

11,5 V

Maximum Tension

15 V

Standby Consumption

TX : 31 mA – RX : 100 mA

Consumption During Alarm

TX : 31 mA – RX : 100 mA

Dimensions (D x L x H)

150 x 105 x 195

Block Input

Thought dedicated “B” input

Additional Input

Negative input for detector

Alarm Output

Normally closed exchange

Disqualification Output

Normally closed output for information of disqualification

Tamper Output

Normally closed exchange

Optional Kit For Anti-Removal


Number of Selectable RS485 Addresses

Max 32

Events Memory

3600 events memorized with curve, date, time, power

Memorisation Stop at Disarmed System


False Alarm Filter


Test Point Output

For control of the signal received

Microwave Working Frequency

10.525 GHz (+/- 20MHz)


In 5 different channels, to select via dip-switch

Irradiated RF Power

25 dBm peak

Working Temperature

From – 20°C to + 55°C
For installation outdoor the use of optional heating kit (mod Term1) is suggested

IP Protection

IP 54

Equipped With

Bracket for fixation on 40 mm. pole

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