Spectrum DT AM

Outdoor triple technology detector with antimasking

– Detection through double PIR and microwave 10.525 GHz
– Detection range from 3 to 12 meters
– Antimasking with active IR
– Tamper through accelerometer
– Light filter
– Digital temperature compensation
– Detection angle up to 100°
– Orientation horizontal plane 180°
– Installation height 1,2 meters with standard lens
– 2,2 meters with SSL optional lens
– PET Immunity
– Block input for microwave switching and relay alarm
– Auxiliary input for tamper or alarm
– Alarm output c/nc
– Antimasking output c/nc
– Tamper output c/nc
– End of line resistors selectable for: Alarm-Tamper-Antimasking (2,2-4,7-5,6-10 Kohm)
– Walk test with led and buzzer activation
– Power supply from 10.5 Vdc to 15 Vdc
– Power consumption in hush: 21 mA
– Power consumption in alarm: 25 mA
– Dimensions (D x W x H): 68,3 x 75,4 x 189,4 mm

Protection class: IP 55

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Product Specifications

Additional information

Detection type

Double IR
+ Microwave


from 3 to 12 meters

Detection opening

Up to 100°


Flat on 180°

Installation height

1.2 mt
2.2 mt with SSL lens

Installation support


Pet immune


Voltage feed

From 10,5 to 15 Vdc

Consumption at rest

21 mA

Consumption in alarm

25 mA

Dimensions: (P x L x H) mm

68.3 x 75.4 x 189.4

Dimensions with cap (P x L x H) mm

87.3 x 75.4 x 189.4

Blocking input

Thanks to the dedicated *B* input, you can block
the alarm output and the microwave operation
when the system is OFF

Auxiliary input

Negative input for alarm or tamper

Alarm output

Normally closed relay (C/NC)

Antimasking output

Normally closed relay (C/NC)

Tamper output

Normally closed relay (C/NC)

Settable end-of-line resistance for Alarm-Tamper-Antimasking

2.2 – 4.7 – 5.6 – 10 Kohm

Walk test

Led and Buzzer

Light filter


Digital Thermal Compensation


Microwave frequency

10,525 GHz (+/-20MHz)

Microwave emitted signal


Environmental conditions

from -25°C to +55°C

IP protection grade

IP 55

RF normative conformity

R&TTE – EN50131 – 1-2-4

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