One PA

Only Real Alarms, No False Events

The passive infrared sensor – through its specific Fresnel lens – reveals the presence of a human target: the integrated microprocessor digitally analyses the event, confirms and transmits the real alarms and eliminates the false alarms from small animals. DT versions integrate also a microwave planar antenna which increases their resistance to false alarms and – specifically – to unwanted solar events.

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Product Features


ONE resists to all regular weather’s variations: temperature compensation circuit maintains its sensibility during the hottest summer periods. Its mechanical structure is designed to resist to the worst weather.


ONE is protected against tamper attempts thanks to an innovative accelerometer which detects any movement and simplifies its installation. All ONE sensors present an antimasking technology by active infrared; DT Versions – specifically – integrate a 2nd antimasking’s solution by microwave.


ONE comes out already with all its brackets (for regular wall mounting 90° inclination); the regular wired versions can be easily installed on whatever control panel thanks to its already integrated resistances’ solution. Settings are quick and easy with the dip-switches. HPRS485 range can also be programmed by computer. Obviously, the WS wireless version requires no cables.


Indoor and outdoor for residential, commercial and industrial sites: door, gates, balconies, gardens, passages, warehouses, car parks, any types of windows, building’s fronts.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Installation Height

1.9 – 2.2 meters

Max Coverage

8 m with maximum opening of 1.8 m

Detection Technology

Passive infrared curtain sensor with Fresnel lens

Antimasking Technology



ACCELEROMETER device for anti-tear signalling function

Pet Immunity

Pet immunity with optical lens filter

Power Supply

Universal connection with relay outputs and OC logics

Dimensions (WxLxH)

44 x 40 x 123 mm


on the wall with supports and 90° adapters provided as standard

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