Ensure Your Enterprise’s Health with Powerful Temperature Reporting

IXM Health is Invixium’s software companion for monitoring your enterprise’s health with IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit. From tracking employee temperatures over time to monitoring the number of visitors with elevated body temperature, IXM Health is a comprehensive solution that you can customize. Generate intuitive reports, manage workflows for high temperature detection, and more in this licensed feature for IXM WEB.

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Product Features

Screen Employee And Visitor Temperatures

Temperature screening for staff and visitors is a critical part of many companies’s during COVID-19, and leaders say that these measures are here to stay as society has become more-health conscious. Whether it’s COVID-19, the flu or even the common cold, screening temperatures of people in your workplace is an intelligent way to help limit the spread of illness and keep staff and visitors safe.

Digital Attestation Questions

Using the IXM Mobile app or the LCD on IXM TITAN, digital attestation questions are a simple way for businesses to feel assured that their staff and visitors have not been exposed to illness. Beyond wellness questions, attestation is a powerful tool to ensure that your employees are wearing required safety gear or complying with other mandates in place at your business. Digital attestation questions are customizable within IXM Health Standard.

Vital Signs Screening

The upgraded version of IXM Health, IXM Health Premium, adds vital signs screening to the standard version’s temperature screening and attestation questionnaire workflows. Screen vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more to further ensure that your staff is healthy from heart to brain.

Employ Intelligent Temperature Monitoring

IXM Health can be used to seamlessly incorporate temperature screening into your workforce management system to monitor employee health or build it into your visitor procedures to add temperature data to visitor registration. By screening individuals’ temperatures before entry, you are seamlessly protecting healthy staff and visitors from potential illness.

Customized Workflows Suit A Variety Of Business Needs

IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit enables rapid temperature screening, and IXM Health allows you to customize security workflows when IXM TITAN detects elevated body temperature. The workflows defined in IXM Health help ensure a smooth process in case EBT is detected by enabling you to give individuals clear guidance about secondary screening, quarantine or whatever your policy states.

Real-Time Notifications Keep Managers Informed

Alerts from IXM Health are sent in real time to whomever you direct the program to contact so your staff can take necessary actions to prevent the spread of illness. IXM Health also includes real time monitoring, enabling you to view what IXM TITAN’s camera sees at any given moment as an extra layer of security during temperature screening.

See The ROI

Calculating the ROI of investing in a healthy workforce is simple, especially during COVID-19. If one member of your staff falls ill, their entire shift will have to quarantine (per most governmental guidance), so you will inevitably lose time, money and productivity if sickness is spread at work. Instead, investing in an air-tight temperature screening solution is one very effective way to help limit the instances of staff coming to work sick and infecting others.

HIPAA Compliance

To help businesses follow the privacy component of HIPAA in the United States, IXM Health allows administrators to configure settings on IXM TITAN to hide personal health data captured during screening events, such as temperature and vital signs data.

Product Specifications

Additional information

CPU Requirement

2.4 GHz Quad Core

RAM Requirement

6 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended)

Hard Disk Requirement

50 GB Hard disk

Network Interface

TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, WiFi

WEB Server Requirement

Microsoft IIS v7.5 or higher

Microsoft .Net Framework

Version 4.7.2


SQL Server 2014 or higher


Free. Annual Maintenance Cost for updates and support. (2nd year onwards)

Operating Systems

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Windows Server 2012
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 10 Professional Version
Windows Server 2016 Standard

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome v70 or higher
Mozilla Firefox v70 or higher
Internet Explorer v11 or higher
Microsoft Edge v40 or higher
Apple Safari (Mac OS only) v10.1.2 or higher

Supported Devices

Desktop, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet

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