Cluster Controller

Plug and play simplicity | Manages up to 16 readers

The Access Portal cluster controller offers unrivalled simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

True plug-and-play modular hardware means you simply plug units together and all the power and communication cabling is done for you, with just one click. Need to expand your installation? Simply plug more units together – it’s that quick.

The power of cluster

The ability to plug several reader modules into one Access Portal controller is termed ‘clustering’. This is a highly cost-effective solution as one cluster controller can manage up to eight reader modules and 16 readers – no longer are you constrained to one controller per door.

However, not everyone may want to cluster, so a controller can also be installed in one location and the reader module up to 150 metres away (that’s the length of one and a half football fields).

A world of choice

The cluster controller can operate on smaller sites as a stand-alone system – no computer or license necessary, as the software is embedded in the controller; or on larger sites using a computer or server, with the appropriate software license.

The controller is also available in either a plastic housing, or in a secure metal enclosure for additional security.

Traditional two door controller

The iTRT meets the needs of customers looking for a traditional two door controller, which allows for two readers to be connected. This can be used in full anti-passback (APB) with a reader in and out, or for two doors where there’s a reader in and a pushbutton exit.  The iTRT works on both IXP and Access Portal systems.

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Product Features

  • Available in metal enclosure or plastic housing
  • Full offline functionality
  • Ability to store up to 100,000 transactions
  • Built-in anti-tamper switch
  • Compatible with all Access Portal modules
  • Compatible with all Access Portal software

Product Specifications

Additional information

Input Voltage

12 – 15 VDC
polarity sensitive

Power Requirements At 12 VDC

140 mA current
1.7 W power

Power Input Protection

Reverse polarity, over current and transient voltage protection


32-bit ARM Cortex M3 operating at 180MHz


200 KB RAM, 16 MB Flash Memory

Tag Functionality


Buffered Transfers



1 x 3 V, CR2032 Lithium cell battery. 2 yrs operating life, 5 yrs storage life

Card Compatibitilty Type

Mifare, iClass, HID H1021, H10302 and H10304, HiTag Impro 125kHz and 13.56MHz slim tag, omega tag, quad transmitter

Operating Temperature

-25° to +60° C [-13° to +140° F]

Storage Temperature

-40° to +80° C [-40° to +176° F]

Operating Humidity

0 to 75% relative humidity non-condensing (at +40° C / +104° F)

Enironmental Rating


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