Run 2500

RUN is a range of irreversible electromechanical gearmotors used for the automation of sliding gates. They are equipped with an electronic control unit and an “SM” type connector for radio control receivers (optional). Electrical connections to external devices are facilitated thanks to the use of the “BlueBUS” system, which enables the connection of several devices by means of just 2 wires.

RUN is equipped with a connector for remote programming units to enable complete and quick management of installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of any malfunctions. RUN is electrically powered, in the event of a power failure, the device can be released by means of the special key, to enable manual movement of the gate.

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  • Easy to install: the BlueBUS system enables connections by means of just two wires between the control unit and up to 15 control safety and signalling devices
  • Safe: the acceleration settings (at the start of the maneuver) and the deceleration settings (at the end of the maneuver) are precise and reliable
  • Advanced Temperature Sensor: Run is able to manage force, adapting it to the different climatic and environmental conditions
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