ET Nice Spears

High-performance surface mounted traffic spikes

Seriously immobilising

The easy, cost effective way to stop criminals in their tracks.

Select a security level

Using the barrier controller, set your preferred timing of the spike activation in relation to the position of the barrier:

  • Quick secure – the spikes will begin to rise as the boom begins to be lowered
  • Medium standard – the spikes will begin to rise when the barrier approaches its lowest (closed) position
  • Slow safe – the spikes will begin to rise after the barrier has completely closed

Retracting (lowering) the spikes:

The spikes must be fully lowered before the barrier will be allowed to open.

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Modular assembly, easy installation

Easy installation is just one of many great reasons to choose Spears Traffic Spikes from ET Nice.

This zero-compromise spike system is completely modular, and the spike trays are supplied in manageable 1.2 meter lengths, which facilitates transportation. The sections are easy to maneuver, with the result that less labour is required during installation. No special tools are necessary for the installation of the sections, which can easily be executed by two persons.

Tough-as-nails for easy maintenance

Built to be tough enough to take on the heaviest traffic, the Spears system is robust, hard-wearing and simple to maintain for a lifetime of use. The spikes are zinc-electroplated and coated with a highly visible orange epoxy for extra durability and to serve as a visible deterrent.

Parts are easily removable for maintenance. Spares are readily available and affordable. This saves money, time and hassle.

Nothing stops Spears, not even a power outage

Even during a power failure, a Spears installation keeps on spiking. True battery back-up means the battery takes over when the electricity is down. Plus ET Nice’s proven AC/DC technology in the barrier cabinet means the barrier and spikes continue working on mains power when the battery is removed or fails.

Rugged motor means reliability

The spikes are controlled via the ET Nice Access or Wide traffic barrier (boom operator). The tough, 24 Volt DC motor is rated high-torque to deliver the never-say-die performance you need in high-traffic environments.

ET Nice has many years of experience in world-class access control. When it comes to the right motor for the job, we’ve got your back.

Bolster your traffic barriers with a formidable deterrent

The Spears system is designed to work with both of ET Nice’s traffic barrier ranges. Choose the “Access” barrier for high-traffic environments and the “Wide” barrier for medium traffic applications. The Spears system is independently driven, so it will work even if the barrier is damaged.

Rapid deployment

When every second counts, the Spears system deploys fully in just 1.2 seconds. Retraction is equally rapid.

Visible surface mount

The surface-mounted spike system also serves as a traffic calming speed bump and a visible deterrent.

Built for the long run

For optimal long-lasting corrosion protection, the steel cabinets and frame (spike tray) are hot-dip galvanised. The ET Nice Spears spike system is the built-to-last partner-against-crime for the ET Nice Access and Wide ranges.

Uncrackable remote control

Every Spears traffic spike system receiver is powered by ET-Blu Mix® technology through the Access or Wide traffic barrier (boom). This industry-leading security uses ET Nice’s unique unhackable/uncrackable double-encrypted rolling code.

Authorised users can operate the spikes manually when required.

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