Dual-beam Outdoor/Indoor Active Infrared Detector with a range of 100 meter

What is ACTIVE ?
ACTIVE is a dual-beam outdoor / indoor active infrared detection system, with an effective range of up to 100 meters.

How does it work ?
ACTIVE consists of two parts, infrared transmitter and its receiver.
Crossing the pair of active infrared beams activates the changeover relay on the receiver part and lights the (switchable) red LED.

Undefeatable !
ACTIVE is waterproof and all-weather resistant, excellent lighting protected and sensitivity adjusted.
In order to eliminate any attempt of neutralize the receiver part by means of a foreign IR transmitter, constant synchronization exists between the infrared transmitter and its receiver.

Easy and quick installation without any external adjusting tool
ACTIVE may be mount, easily and quickly, on walls or poles.
A successful installation of an active infrared detection system is when its two parts (infrared transmitter and its receiver) perfectly aligned.
In order to ensure optimum installation, ACTIVE detection system equipped with built-in tools which allow accurate alignment between its two parts:
1. In each part of the system, the internal unit is vertical and horizontal adjustable.
2. The receiver part consists of a built-in scale, which displays the received signal strength (signal that transmitted by the transmitter part). The higher the signal strength, the better the alignment.

High Reliability
ACTIVE detection system designed to work in the most difficult environmental conditions while maintaining unprecedented immunity to false alarms.

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  • SYNCHRONIZED active infrared beams, to eliminate “cheating” the receiver part by a foreign IR transmitter.
  • 100 meter effective range.
  • Waterproof and all-weather resistant.
  • Internal vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Precise alignment by a built-in scaleor externally by connecting a voltmeter.
  • Adjustable beam interruption time.
  • Changeover alarm contacts (N.C. / N.O.).
  • Excellent lighting immunity.
  • Easy Pole/Wall mount.

Additional information

Detection Range

Indoors 100 m (328 ft); Outdoors 80 m (262 ft).

Power Supply

12V DC

Maximum Current Drain

Transmitter unit 57 mA; Receiver unit 30 mA.

Alarm Contacts Endurance

(N.C. or N.O.) 0.5A/24V DC (Max.)

Tamper Switch Contacts Endurance

(N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max.)

Alarm Time

2 Seconds

Interruption Time To Cause An Alarm

50 to 500 Millisecond

Internal Alignment Angle Adjustment

+/-5°, Horizontal +/-90°

Operating Temperature

(-)37°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F).


160 x 64 x 64 mm (HxWxD)



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