MITECH perimeter columns guarantee the utmost security for residential, commercial, industrial and sensitive sites.
Our outdoor infrared beam and microwave barriers guarantee optimum protection for villas, façades, warehouses, photovoltaic fields, sensitive sites, etc.
Thanks to their compact size, infrared beam barriers are used on doors and windows to protect property, valuables and people from intrusions.
Curtain sensors detect movements and can be fitted to doors, windows and positioned in restricted areas to control attempts at access and intrusion.

MITECH | Leading Perimeter Security

MITECH products stand out for their “Made in Italy” quality, which guarantees outstanding reliability, a long life, excellent functionality and meticulously researched details and design.

The product range is extensive, varied and complemented with accessories, thus ensuring customised protection systems that are ideal for meeting specific needs and operational requirements.

The attention the company gives to its products is also applied to its customer assistance during the design phase, the quote preparation phase and to its technical assistance.

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Why Choose Mitech

Technological Innovation

The RD team works with important high-tech facilities so that MITECH maintains a state-of-the-art product range to best ensure protection to property, people, living and work spaces.

Made In Italy

Our products are fully designed and manufactured in Italy and any component outsourcing or prime materials are supplied only by the most specialised Italian suppliers.

Always At Your Service

Our technical and commercial staff are at your support service to meet any request, providing technical expertise for quotes and system’s design.