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Why TouchlessInvixium Solutions?

Invixium leverages the latest technologies to provide businesses – large and small – with cutting-edge solutions for security, productivity, and wellness at worksites. Our solutions are uniquely designed to maximize the potential of your entrances and empower you with all the information you need to effectively manage your business.



Relevant features define Invixium solutions. From groundbreaking face recognition while wearing a mask to innovative remote enrollment for face recognition, Invixium is constantly evolving to push the boundaries of access control. And, every Invixium solution is rounded out by elegant design and playful user experience that set it apart from competitors.



Invixium solutions make complex security simple by removing the need for keys, passwords, and more. Thanks to touchless automation and user-friendly mobile access control and wellness screening, your personnel can focus on getting to work without following complex workflows.



Biometrics are highly secure by nature. Invixium solutions offer highly secure features like multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication, industry-standard encryption, and more to keep people and their data safe. Biometric templates created by the Invixium algorithm are encrypted to ensure that no template can be copied or stolen.



Modern businesses demand protection for personnel wellness as much as their safety. Invixium answers this need with signature features like temperature and vital signs screening packaged in one complete, touchless solution to protect your staff and visitors.

Invixium Values


Design runs in the DNA of Invixium. Every curve and colour are meticulously selected to achieve a divine user experience, and they take pride in offering the most design-centric products on the market.


Invixium is committed to innovation and their ability to adapt to changing times allows them to continuously re-invent themselves as designers and engineers of scalable products with industry best features.


Invixium's passion is fueled by a relentless pursuit of delivering the best solution to a problem and their persistence has greatly contributed to their success in such a short time.


Invixium's commitment to diverse staff and leadership shapes the foundation of Invixium and helps them embrace our changing world with ease.


Invixium believes in a work culture that supports teamwork, transparency and an environment that fosters employee engagement and not just employee satisfaction.


Invixium is constantly searching for improvements on how their solutions interact with the world, from consuming less energy to using less plastic. Invixium solutions are built to last, resulting in less waste over time.


At Invixium, design is in their DNA. Feel how exquisite their engineering is through high-end materials, incredibly fast throughputs and exquisite user experiences crafted by their expert engineers. The Invixium product portfolio has something for everyone.

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